LINES | Strand Gallery | 12th-15th June 2013

Inaugural Advertising Exhibitions show at the Strand Gallery bringing together 35 emerging artists.

So..this was the first exhibition Advertising Exhibitions organised. It worked on an open call system; we received over 1000 applications and we created a shortlist of 100 based on the theme ‘practice and process’. We created a catalogue and online survey system and sent them to our selection panel – Ben Street and Lawrence Lek.

I worked closely with all the artists to discuss possible methods to display their works and get the artists in conversation with each other.

1017195_579023645452014_1923218528_n   1016372_579023178785394_1161466864_n

For the week long exhibition we had performances and video art running, installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings and light works.

The private view was a raving success – we managed to gain sponsorship for the bar from three high-profile sponsors: Sloane’s Gin, Fever Tree Mixers and Fiji Water. Everyone left bladdered and it is probably the reason we sold a few works.

The aim of the exhibition was to create a platform for as many people to get together and benefit as possible – a difficult thing to do during a recession in London. Every artist and organiser contributed and got something more out of the experience. 100% of all sales went directly to the artists and all profits were donated to The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts.


Private View photos

Just Opened London

Strand’s interview with me

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