Heritage Pub Crawl

This piece of interpretation was created for Kingston Museum as a new way of exploring the heritage of a town with, historically, one of the densest populations of pubs in the country.

The event was removed from within the walls of the museum in order to more directly engage with publics who wouldn’t ordinarily come to Kingston Museum, specifically, young adults.

The tour covered 5 pubs, all chosen and researched by a wonderful group of really engaged 18-25 year olds. Although some of the pubs were only 20 years old, the buildings themselves held brilliant stories. Older pubs were, like the Druid’s Head in the market place, explained in relation to Kingston’s ancient past.

The final leg of the journey traced the River Thames, integral to the rich and popular past time of brewing in Kingston. This brought the entire event full circle and into the present as we stopped to sample some modern Kingston-brewed beers.

The tour was well-attended and was led by Kingston Museum’s Education Officer, Chiara Russo, and me.

Kingston Museum’s pub crawl was part of a larger project, which included free film screenings and networking events, aimed at giving young Kingstonians a space to both influence and appreciate culture in Kingston.


Download the Map

Kingston Museum

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