WLTHF Meretseger or similar snake headed woman

Written on the occasion of Sarah Derat’s solo exhibition ‘She Who Loves Silence‘ at Castor Projects, London. 21 June – 27 July 2019

Installation view – photography by Corey Bartle Sanderson

If I were to appropriate, employ or hire a robot to write this essay, to automate the process of critique, what would it say of my position in the ecosystem of artistic labour and the relationship of this writing to Sarah’s latest exhibition? While I write this for no wage, as an artistic and non-alienated practice I have control over, I could be subcontracting this to a chatbot, an AI or a household assistant. My engagement with technology in this way would be its utilisation as a tool but also the acute realisation that I myself become a certain type of tool, both for the overall construct of the exhibition She Who Loves Silence, in its manifold experiences, and the unfolding of a dialectic between my target out comes and the subcontracting of a machine to fulfil them.

The full essay can be read here.

Sarah Derat in conversation with Jack Smurthwaite, Castor Projects, 25 July 2019


Castor Projects

Sarah Derat

Wade Wallerstein’s press release for the exhibition

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