About Asparagus

Asparagus Press publishes zines and artist pamphlets. Its’s main output is Asparagus Zine.

Asparagus is a short run, loose leaf zine that bunches things together. Centring on a single theme, each issue cuts a path through that topic with every featured artwork or artist occupying an autonomous, folded insert.

The publication traces little known artistic genealogies to show how tightly bound current artistic practices, art history, politics and culture are. Through the interviews, writers and artists that are bought into the folds of Asparagus, it is hoped there will be a plurality of voices, each starting their own chain reactions and conversations.

Asparagus is a project that attempts to seriously explore the ridiculous and ridiculously explore the serious. It might find a worthwhile space for itself while occupying both realms.


People who have worked with and contributed to Asparagus are:

Victoria Adam // Bo Matteini // Sasha Galitzine // Michael Rand // Paloma Proudfoot //

Stockists and libraries:


Housmans Bookshop, London N1 9DY UK – housmans.com/

Salford Zine Library  – salfordzinelibrary.co.uk/

Glasgow Zine Library – glasgowzinelibrary.com/

TACO (Tracy Ain’t Coming Out)taco.org.uk/

Well Projectswellprojects.xyz/

Turf Projects turf-projects.com/

Generator Projectsgeneratorprojects.co.uk/


Head Hi, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA – headhi.net/

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Manet’s lemons are incongruous. That incongruity is acutely intensified in ‘The Asparagus’, which reveals the full depth of Manet’s indifference to the subject.

Georges Bataille on Manet’s ‘Bunch of Asparagus’ (1880).