About Asparagus Press

Asparagus Press publishes zines and artists books. It started by publishing Asparagus Zine.


People who have worked with and contributed to Asparagus are:

Victoria Adam // Bo Matteini // Sasha Galitzine // Michael Rand // Paloma Proudfoot //

Stockists and libraries:


Housmans Bookshop, London N1 9DY UK – housmans.com/

Good Pressgoodpress.co.uk/

Salford Zine Library  – salfordzinelibrary.co.uk/

Glasgow Zine Library – glasgowzinelibrary.com/

TACO (Tracy Ain’t Coming Out)taco.org.uk/

Well Projectswellprojects.xyz/

Turf Projects turf-projects.com/

Generator Projectsgeneratorprojects.co.uk/

SEESAW, Manchester86princessst.com/


Head Hi, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA – headhi.net/

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Manet’s lemons are incongruous. That incongruity is acutely intensified in ‘The Asparagus’, which reveals the full depth of Manet’s indifference to the subject.

Georges Bataille on Manet’s ‘Bunch of Asparagus’ (1880).